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Shelter Reads

Man It's been a real few weeks hasn't it?

However, I hope that you are keeping your head as high as possible in the time that we are in.

So yesterday, I started reading a new book. I'm actually in the middle of two new books. However, after reading I felt the need to share some books that I have read via my Instagram page. I know the list can help some for reference, so I decided to recreate it so individuals don't feel that they have to take snapshots on their phone.

What I will do is share not only the books that I read, however the books that others shared with me.

I hope that this helps you in your journey of quarantine. I pray whether you are in the best place of your life or the hardest that you would experience a peace like no other.

Currently Reading:

The Road To Character by David Brooks

Awkward: The Science Of Why We're Socially Awkward And Why That's Awesome by Ty Tashiro, PHD.

J.Davis Book Suggestions By Theme:

Gospel Centered:

1. Pursuit Of Holiness- Jerry Bridges

2. Jesus- A.W Tozer

3. See Faith Different- Joel Holm

4. Art And the Bible- Francis A. Schaeffer

Spiritual Development:

1. Ordering Your Private World- Gordan MacDonald

2. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Peter Scazzero

3.The Assignment- Devon Blanton

Leadership Development:

1.Next Generation Leader- Andy Stanley

2.Finish- John Acuff

3.You're A Leader Charlie Brown- Carla Cutsinger

Social Awareness:

1.I'm Still Here- Channing Brown


1.10 Rules Of Dating- Dr. R.A Vernon

2.Scary Close - Donald Miller

Friendly Suggestions:

1.Bait of Satan- John Bevere

2.Boundaries In Dating- Henry Cloud and John Townsend

3.Own The Moment- Carl Lentz

4.The Inner Voice- Henry Owen

5.Replenish-Lance Witt

6.The Compound Effect- Darren Hardy

7.Just Mercy- Bryan Stevenson

8.Becoming- Michelle Obama

9.The Pastor- Eugene Peterson

10.Lying Down With Lions- Ron Dellums

11.Deep And Wide- Andy Stanley

12.You Are Free- Rebeka Lyons

13.The Ride Of A Lifetime By Bob Iger

14.In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day- Mark Batterson

15. Chase The Lion- Mark Batterson

16.Everybody Always- Bob Goff

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