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Rudiments: Three Lessons I Learned From The Brilliance (Concert).

Recently I was able to see one of my new favorite groups The Brilliance at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA. To be honest, besides playing (in a concert), this has been one of the most moving shows that I have experienced. From every lyric, chord progression, even to the gentlemen singing all the background parts behind me, i experienced a new found joy for art.

What I most appreciate about the show is the guideline that the masters of ceremonies set before the show. BE PRESENT. Turn off your cell phone and don’t record anything. I can truly say that it worked. To the point, by the second song, I could have completely walked out and received everything that I needed musically and emotionally. Even though being present is not one of  the three lessons that I want to focus on, it most definitely does strike a chord with me. 

In our very moving culture, where slowing down, especially living in a place like California or the movement of social media it is almost a struggle to do so. But to be given permission to take in every emotion, every word and the ambience of held back tears was everything I needed. Being present is something I can now truly appreciate. Being present gave me the opportunity to do some true introspection not just as an artist, but as a person.  Being present at this show allowed me to see things that I have propelled in and areas where I have to get better. Being present also presented three lessons that I want to share with you.

  1. Be Prepared.

  2. Be Vulnerable In Your Art.

  3. Have A Cause Bigger Than Yourself.

Be Prepared.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the Brilliance. They are two gentlemen, David Gungor and John Arndt, masters at their craft. How can I say that? I could hear it in their playing. I could hear in their writing. I could hear it when they invited others to sing along with them. They were one with their instruments both in voice ,guitar and piano. The ability to work through a full hour and fifteen minute show without flaw while conducting a string orchestra challenged me.  It challenged me for the better. Their preparation made me look at my personal routines and question if I have given my best. It made me ask the consistent question of the year, if my jersey gets called will I be ready to jump on the court and produce?

I don’t know if you have every been in a situation where you are not prepared, let me encourage you, don’t be. It is a very nerve wrecking experience. Not only does it put unnecessary pressure on you, but it also puts pressure on those that are depending on you. No one should have to overcompensate for the areas that  one lacking in. Its not fair to your mind and its not fair to those that are connected to us. 

For me, I see areas already that I can do a better job of preparing myself in. That is why I am grateful for a calendar, it will help me in my preparation and I believe that individuals will reap the results of my preparation as well as being able to enjoy the process that comes along with being prepared. 

Be prepared brings a sense of joy and I hope that we can all attain that it.

Be Vulnerable In Your Art

Lets be honest, we are very protective with our hearts. For many of us we have decided this route, because of multiple reasons that have taken place in our lives.  For some we are afraid to feel and at times afraid to be questioned .  However, there is a freedom and such a surreal experience being able to see a person that is one with their art. I am a fan of artist in which they are moved by their own expression. I personally have experienced this a few times and I look forward to experiencing this more as a I grow as a person. I believe as an artist we should want individuals to experience the real us and not a fabric of who people think that we should be. Listening to  The Brilliance I experience the real artist, because I felt their heart, but not only did i feel their heart, the room felt their heart. I believe that there are multiple ways to get to this place. However, the biggest area is just being willing to take the risk of getting there. 

I’m for the ride.

Have A Cause Bigger Than Yourself.

Much of the reason The Brilliance write music is to bring Unity not only across ethnicities but they actually go to countries to bring understanding and resources to help others grow. I’m not saying that one’s mission has to be global, however it is so inspiring that to see that one has allowed their gift to open doors for others. That one is willing to make themselves invisible so that others may see the bigger picture in front of them.

I truly pray that every time i step in front of someone whether it be by beating pots and pans or listening to a conversation, that they are able to see what lives inside me and that causes me to want to see people healed to a place of healthy authenticity.

Very Simple.

To Close, whether it is being prepared, being vulnerable or being selfless, I want to do it with a happy heart. I want to continue to create from the vantage point of what I can give. I know in my giving I will receive and not only will  I receive those that are connected to the art will be blessed.

So in repitition. 

I truly do pray that every time you step in your respective place of influence, that individuals  are able to see what lives inside you and which causes whole hearts and a place of healthy authenticity.

Thank You for reading and allowing me to be honest.

With Sincerity,


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