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Rudiments: New Blog Series

Hello Family,

I will be doing a new series of post called rudiments on my website. Just as one says that music reflects life, we are than able to apply these things, whether they be from our mistakes, consistent battles or accomplishments. Just as I work on rudiments on my kit, we are able in our day to day to create habits that allow us to engage in ultimate decision making that will produce beautiful melodies in our heart.

My ultimate goal is to discuss the mistakes and the victories that I have attained through my daily living, hoping that it will help you as you are attaining victory on your daily journey. I do hope that these post will open room for conversation and as well encourage you to find a tribe or community.

In addition, if you have not yet done so. Please subscribe to AZ's And Root Brews Podcast. I believe the conversations will give you encouragement as well as positive thoughts to chew on for your week.

Some positive things will be coming up. Stay Tuned.

With Sincerity,


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