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(I Am Learning)The Importance Of Gratitude,

G’Day I am currently sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops trying to find the balance between pushing myself and beating myself up as it pertains to consistency (lol). Before I started writing, I found myself allowing my mind to have a real quiet moment and started to realize how badly I drifted from the core of my convictions of being a musician and that is just being happy to play my instrument(s), enjoying the friendships that have been built via this gift as well as allowing myself to push the bounds of creativity and limits as it pertains to being a musician. To be honest, being in such a competitive yet creative market can cause one to lose sight of what really important and that is love.

Prior to feeling a form of inspiration to write this, I decided to take some time away from social media. I felt that it would help me attain some focus and get a solid gameplay of what would help build a more consistent flow of sharing my art and gift with the world. With positive talks and guidance from mentors and friends I realize the things that I can do better.

The goal is not so much to preach about it but to live it out. However, let me move back to the foundation of what I was writing. While enjoying the amazing vibe today and ability to really check my heart, it hit me, man I am really a blessed individual. God has been above amazing and that conclusion must be bigger than any opportunity, endorsement or pat on the back.

I realized in this moment, that many of my boxes have been checked. I have traveled the world, I have on gone tours, I have been on a national broadcast and the list goes on. The important thing is that i push myself to be better in my endeavors and not focus on what I think i should be doing (according to others merits), but in reverse being the best in the lane that is currently being offered (according to my attitude). See in this moment, I realize that a grateful heart can allow graffiti not look like a mess but like art.

Gratitude allows one to put energy in the areas that matter instead of putting energy in areas that are not as important. Are things always perfect? Absolutely not, however I have been taught (and in this moment encouraged) to understand that all things do truly work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

I have to come to the understanding that if gold plaque does not hit my wall, a contract does not come in the mail, that above it all, God has been amazing and for that I must be grateful. Now this does not diminish putting my heart in everything I do, but it does mean taking each moment at a time ensuring that I don't forget to take in the moment ,to do exactly what I love and that is to love my gift and others through it.

With Sincerity,


Blog Update.

Today is May 17, 2018 and I wrote this piece very early in the year. The fact is I was really struggling in my gift especially with the direction that it was going. Its been a blessing to know that I'm not alone in this area and that there are many who have struggled in this area of clarity and direction. I believe the fact that there is much truth in what I wrote early in the year. I want to encourage others and myself to maintain gratitude in what we do. I believe our perspective and our vantage of point of how we see our current circumstances will help our internal environment as it pertains to growth and perspective . I pray that regardless of where we may be in our journey that we can continue to find ways to maintain gratitude and continue find the strength to pursue our goals.

In addition, my heart in this is not to say that we don't pursue higher goals and dream big. That would be crazy. But it is more on the end of when the goal is met and the plaques do hit the wall, that one can truly close their eyes and see how far one has come in their journey.

Thank you for allowing me to be honest.

Be Encouraged.

With Sincerity (Again).

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