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I wrote this post a few years ago, but decided to repost it. I hope it blesses you!


The goal of this blog is to be encouraging to others, specifically those who are feeling that they are being stretched by God but feel alone in the process.

As of late I have been having conversations with people that have large goals and big dreams. They want to make a difference and they are tired of being stuck in the mundane comfort zones which only allows themselves to see themselves in one avenue. Trust me I am currently struggling with the same issue.

For me my goal would be to become a successful musician, which is all possible, with a little extra dedication to practicing, a greater skill for networking and the one opportunity to show the world that I can actually play an instrument is very possible and honestly right around the corner. The only issue I find with this thought process is that there is more to my story and many more attributes that I have been blessed with in order to serve and bless my community and circle of influence.

I know for me personally that although I have been blessed with great opportunities to do music, I realize that there is so much more in store even off my favorite instruments and at times its uncomfortable.

But enough about me.

Let’s talk about being uncomfortable. For starters, its uncomfortable. Whether it is being on a job that you never went to school for or being in a position to have resolve a conflict in which you never knew the story to. Those scenarios can bring great frustration and sometimes even pain. But isn’t ironic that is our uncomfortable moments which cause not only the greatest grief, but our greatest growth. It is those moments in which we can not find the resolutions, but within the frustration the resolution comes. Think about the technology we use today, someone in their mind said there has to be an easier way to use this gizmo. They did their research, wrote their likes and dislikes and POW!!!! Came with inventions that would change the world. If I am telling the truth sound just like purpose, dreams and goals.

Sometimes being uncomfortable means that we will fail. It took a couple of missed free throws when it counted to make Michael Jordan a champion. It took a couple of frustrating auditions to make Jennifer Hudson the star she is today. However, these are people we see on a daily basis, that are in the positions we aspire to be in, in some shape form or fashion. Now to be honest, this is where I’m learning the most. Because I hate failure. I honestly do. It never feels right, it sometimes wants to have a party in mind, but I think I shared in a blog a long time ago in order to succeed, one must learn from their failures. Now if you find success without failure, teach me thy ways. However, it is those moments of failure that cause one to understand that their is another way to find success. Society celebrates Edison’s discover of the lightbulb, students of engineering learn from his failures.

Unfortunately being uncomfortable means that we will have to constantly learn and practice quieting our doubts and fears. The questions if I am good enough. The questions do have what it takes to make it. Those insecurities of the past. The doubts of the future all mixed into one. All I can say is keep pressing forward. The fact is that one day your current uncomfortable will not be your future uncomfortable. Your current uncomfortable will now be your future comfortable. However, in order for that to happen, one must step out of the box in order to achieve the goals and the dreams that were placed in front of them.

My current prayer is that I will not only maximize my potential but that I will exceed the foundation of my potential in order to become all that I am created to be. My dream is to consistently make a positive difference in the lives that I constantly interact with. But in order for that to happen I have to break out of my comfort zone and reach into my un-comfort zone.

In order to do the impossible you must step out of the comfort of your current possibilities to experience all that is in store.

So if you are feeling stretched and alone all in the same breathe. Know that you are not.

Uncomfortably Writing,


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