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Mistakes. I’m not a fan of them. However, as history shows us, great human beings had to make them in order for them to change the world. Some had to alter their process to understand what they were doing wrong and for some actually achieved great result due to making mistakes, but we will call that grace. As I think about all that has happened so far this year, I realized I have made some mistakes, I have jumped to conclusions, I have been apprehensive and at times maybe a little too aggressive. My biggest prayer from any mistake is that it will produce maturity, that it will produce growth and that it will never be repeated. That prayer does not protect me from ever making another mistake, but what it does is help me become more sensitive to wisdom and my surroundings when making a decisions or not going off my emotions.

I’m not a strong fan of the saying ” What does not kill only makes me stronger” when the fact that what could have killed you can still paralyze you. However what does not kill me although it had the possibilities to does have the opportunity to produce perspective and awareness. Now in some respect what does not kill me only makes me stronger works when I press myself to reach the goal and the results that I’m trying to attain. For instance if I have the constant bad habit of offending someone with horrible jokes, it is the murdering of separation from other individuals that causes me to be more aware of what I say in order for me to live and as we all know isolation is not healthy even for the more private individual. In addition I don’t tell offensive and horrible jokes.

Back to subject.

Mistakes. I’m not a fan of them. But I’m willing to accept them if they are going to bring growth and positive results that will help someone else in need. Mistakes may not always feel good, but the feeling won’t last forever if one decides to learn from them. I am not the master at not making mistakes, but I can become a master from learning from them.

Blessings J.Davis


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