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Jeffery Davis II

| bio

| bio

Drummer, Beatmaker, Producer and overall appreciator of art, Jeffery developed a fondness for music at a very young age.


Through positive exposure from church, school and family, Jeffery experienced a love for music that has connected a desire to inspire others to enjoy the processes of music at their own level.


Jeffery earned his Digital Media Arts Degree with an emphasis in Audio Recording and a minor in music from California State University Dominguez Hills. Jeffery contributed to the Cal State Dominguez Jazz Ensemble and projects for budding artists.


Jeffery currently plays for Vaughn Fahie.

Jeffery has also worked with artist such as Latin Grammy Nominated Artist Andre Pagenelli, Andy Grammer, Brenden McPeek, Grammy Nominated Artist Madison Cunningham , Anthony Alexander (The Voice), Dre Murray and many others.


Besides perfecting his musicianship, Jeffery mentors youth, giving them inspiration to reach for their dreams - academic, personal and professional.


In addition, Jeffery currently serves on staff for the church Verve Community in the Inland Empire.

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